Spires and Steeples

The Spires and Steeples trail, from Lincoln Cathedral to St Denys’ Church, Sleaford, brings together the rich history, heritage and local stories of the area. It has many beautiful artworks, churches, interesting landscapes and picturesque skies.

Part 1 - Lincoln to Branston

Part 2 - Branston to Metheringham

Part 3 - Metheringham to Ruskington

Part 4 - Ruskington to Sleaford


Spires and Steeples Arts and Heritage


Digital Sound Recordings to inspire and complement your walk

A guide to exploring the Spires & Steeples Arts and Heritage Trail through a variety of digital sound recordings.

As part of the Listen Hear project artsNK worked with villagers along the Spires and Steeples route and composer Dallas Simpson to create digital sound recordings you can listen to along the route. There are also Lincolnshire folk songs performed by local singer Brian Dawson.

Spires and Steeples: Listen


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