Spires and Steeples: Art and Heritage

North Kesteven has a rich history and heritage…

… stories that are part of the fabric of Lincolnshire and intertwined with the character of its landscape, flat fens and heath, reflecting open, changing skies.
Many of the North Kesteven villages, and especially those on this trail, have worked with artsNK, the District Council and other partners to research, explore and record their distinctive stories and go on to find creative and inspirational ways of sharing and celebrating them. This is the first step to valuing, caring for and protecting our culture, our villages and the wider environment.

These village trails and artworks have been made possible by the boundless enthusiasm, passion and energy of the residents that have been involved. They are also a reflection of the vision, as well as practical support and funding, that have been given over lots of years, by North Kesteven councillors and officers.

For the artsNK team, the Spires & Steeples Trail is a testimony to what magnificent and inspirational things can be achieved when a community works together to celebrate what makes a place special.

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