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Airships over Lincolnshire

Our ‘Lighter Than Air’ exhibition has been revamped for 2021! Click the button below for our Discover More exhibition, and watch the fantastic animations designed by Daniel Davis!

Discover more... Airships over Lincolnshire


Honorary PDSA Dickin Medal awarded to war horse Warrior on behalf of all animals that served in World War One. Kings Troop Horse Galaxy wears the honorary medal on behalf of Warrior.

Animals at War

The uplifting stories of some of the brave animals who’ve been awarded the Dickin Medal, the animal’s Victoria Cross.

Discover more... Animals at War


Gallantry in the Air

To mark the centenary of the RAF, Cranwell Aviation Heritage Museum’s exhibition commemorates the RAF crew who were decorated for their bravery.

Discover More...Gallantry in the Air


Herbert Tomlin – 100 Years On

Our digital exhibition tells the story of Herbert ‘Tom’ Tomlin, one of ‘Trenchard’s Brats’; a charming insight into life in the RAF and beyond!

Discover More...Herbert Tomlin

High Flying Women

Our popular exhibition tells the fantastic stories of the women who fought against adversity to achieve aviation history.

Discover More...High Flying Women


Rebuilding Heroes

Discover the power of positivity in this poignant exhibition which tells the story of the Guinea Pig Club and the pioneering experimental treatment by Archibald McIndoe.

Discover More...Rebuilding Heroes

A classic car filled with service personelChristmas at Cranwell

Our festive mini-exhibition celebrates Christmas at RAF Cranwell.

Discover more... Christmas at Cranwell

A photo of Cranwell college from the archive

Boom – 100 years on

Our 2020 exhibition marked the centenary of the opening of RAF College Cranwell.

Discover more... Boom - 100 years on Boom - 100 years on - children's version


Record Breaking Flights

Our exhibition explores the historic flights that have taken off from RAF College Cranwell.

Discover More...Record Breaking Flights



Alfred Farina with Airship Crew. Mr Z Farina

Silent Voices

Our pop-up exhibition for Heritage Open Days 2021 shares untold stories from some of those associated with RAF College Cranwell.

Discover More...Silent Voices
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