Volunteering at Cogglesford Watermill

Volunteering with us is a great way to engage in a fulfilling experience that allows you to make a difference in preserving our heritage, meet like-minded individuals and develop new skills in areas such as guided tours, milling demonstrations, event organization, maintenance, and more.

As a volunteer at Cogglesford Watermill, you will have the unique opportunity to contribute to the preservation and celebration of this extraordinary piece of history. By sharing your time and skills, you’ll help us create unforgettable experiences for visitors and ensure the smooth running of our operations. Whether you have a passion for history, love working with people, or simply enjoy being part of a team, volunteering at Cogglesford Watermill offers numerous benefits.

Join us today and play a vital role in bringing the past to life for generations to come! Please fill out the form below if you’d like a member of the team to get in touch.

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