Milling Experiences at Cogglesford Watermill

Milling Experiences

Enjoy a unique and exciting experience as you become an ‘Apprentice for an Afternoon’ at this amazing historic watermill!

You’ll have the mill to yourself and be guided by an expert miller as you explore the inner workings of the mill, learn how it all works and then operate the machinery yourself, producing your very own bags of white and wholemeal flour.

A rundown of the day

Within your day, you’ll learn how to:

  • Check the stones, engage the wheel and prepare for milling
  • Start the wheel – open the sluice gates and get the wheel turning
  • Mill – watch grain turn to flour, monitor production and take newly milled flour to be bagged.
  • Use the boulter to produce white flour
  • Bag and pack the flour

You’ll also enjoy several (crucial) tea breaks, as well as freshly baked scones.


Prices vary according to the number of participants:

  • Group of 4: £136 (£33.95 per person)
  • Group of 3: £131 (£43.63 per person)
  • Group of 2: £126 (£62.99 per person)
  • 121 Milling Session: £121

Available Dates

Milling Experiences are available on the last Wednesday of each month. Available dates for 2024 are:


How to Book

You can use the form below or book by email: [email protected] or phone during opening times: 01529 413671.

You can also pick up a gift voucher in our shop.

Things to know

  • Due to the historic nature of the building, the afternoon will involve a lot of moving between floors up and down ladders!
  • Have a look at our virtual tour, and double check you’re happy before you decide to book. Don’t worry if not everyone in your group is confident with the ladders – there are lots of jobs that can be done on the ground floor only. View the virtual tour here.
  • The experience will be 12pm–4pm, however we ask for you to arrive at 11.45am we can introduce ourselves and explain the agenda for the day, over a cup of tea.
  • This is a ‘hands on’ experience, so please dress in suitable clothing and footwear – you will be expected to climb stairs and you will get covered in flour!
  • For those with long hair please keep it tied back.


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